Strip Clubs – Classy versus Casual

There comes a time for every stripper to, uh, branch out, shall we say. I’ve probably left this a little later than most, clinging to the security of my beloved club for over a year now. It’s an upscale Gentleman’s club near expensive hotels and restaurants where bored businessmen come to hang out for hours. For the most part – I love it. But it’s been a little chancy lately, and if there’s too many girls on, or not enough guys come in, the pickings can be slim. So I’m going to tell you a little story about my foray into a newly opened bikini bar in town. Lets just say, it involves a devastating lack of good champagne but a surprising amount of cash money.

As I arrived early on a Saturday night, the first thing I was daunted by was the spinning poles! I learnt on a static pole and have danced almost exclusively on static poles since I started dancing. I tried to quickly get in some practice before people arrived but I felt like a newbie again! As customers arrived I began to fill out my ‘drink card’. The house fee for weekends is $120, and $60 for weekdays. However, we can reduce the fee by up to fifty percent by getting customers to buy us drinks. I decided to try all the approved drinks (why grey goose doesn’t count for the drink card I will never understand). The sparkling wine was pretty terrible – no Chandon at this club! The house white was pretty good, and so was the gin – although I was a little tipsy by then so I can’t be sure! The vodka is fine, but they keep overloading my drinks with red cordial (I have vodka lime soda with raspberry) so maybe it is absolutely terrible and I just can’t tell because the whole drink is red cordial!

As I filled out my drink card I chatted to customers, did stage, and started doing lap dances. At this club we are allowed to do one minute lap dances on the floor for $10. You can do it while you are doing stage if customers are sitting at the rail. There are also couches surrounding the stages, so you can go to the couches during your second and third stage song and do lap dances as long as there is at least one other girl on stage. You can also offer the $10 lap dance if you are not on stage, just drag the customer to a couch if he is not already sitting on one! During this dance you must remove your bikini top. If you are not wearing a g-string bikini you are meant to wear a g-string under your bikini bottoms and remove them as well, but there seems to be some confusion about this rule as I have noticed some girls don’t do it. You are not allowed to remove your g-string on stage or on the floor unless you are given a large tip, which was refreshing! I really like this, as it makes it a lot easier to make money and entice customers into private dances. We are allowed to keep all our tips unlike the Gentleman’s club.

The lap dance room does not have any VIP areas but the prices are fair and the dancer cut is higher than what I’m used to. I’ll do a little price comparison between the clubs so you can see what I mean.

Bikini Bar

Gentleman’s Club (Main)

Gentleman’s Club (VIP)

Advertised Price

Dancer Cut

Advertised Price

Dancer Cut

Advertised Price

Dancer Cut

20 mins







30 mins







So yeah, I’m really impressed by this. Sure, there’s barely any places to put drinks in the lap dance room, the couches are small, the carpet is horrible, but I’m making way more money per dance. Plus there is a bar in the lap room and they can radio the main bar to bring them drinks they don’t have, which is pretty cool. The Gentleman’s club could sure benefit from a system like that!

Now onto the shockers – things that I was absolutely appalled at in the Bikini Bar that would certainly not fly at the Gentleman’s club!

  • Dancers coming over to talk to customers while there is already a dancer with that customer. Grass cutting much?
  • Breaking the dress code. How hard is it to wear a bikini?!
  • Dancers going outside with customers to have a cigarette. I nearly fainted.
  • And the clincher – dancers taking their shoes off on the floor while there were customers there – and I don’t mean just stretching their feet while sitting in a corner, no. I mean walking around barefoot, talking to customers barefoot, and doing stage barefoot. Just, no.

So obviously, there’s some downsides to the casual club but the potential for higher earnings is hard to ignore. I’m going to split my shifts between the two clubs for the next few weeks and see how I go. Maybe I’ll just have to be the classiest bitch in the bikini bar!

Who am I?

I’m really terrible with self-obsessed introductions, so let’s just get this over with so we can get to the good stuff.

My name is Marnii (yeah, that’s my stage name) and I’m 18. I’m an adult entertainer, an exotic dancer, a stripper, whatever little name you use. What I’m not is an escort, a prostitute, a hooker or a whore. What I do is purely for entertainment purposes, and in my line of work at my particular club, there’s no illicit, dirty business going on. I dance.

I’m starting this blog to try and give girls a bit more of an insight into the stripping world, especially in Australia where I live. When I was toying with the idea of being a dancer, I tried to look up information on what being a stripper was really like, and found a lot of American sites (ain’t that always the way) that weren’t actually that relevant to the Australian industry. Also, being pretty young myself (18 and three months when I’m writing this) I want to give information to younger girls who may be interested in stripping, because a lot of things out there say OMG DON’T DO IT and I wholeheartedly disagree with that.

So there we go. Aussie, 18 year old stripper named Marnii. I hope this works out well for us!