I Was Right!

Well, not that any of us are reaaaally surprised that I’m right, but I AM. You remember my post about how guys are really held back from the actual reality of dating a stripper? Totally proved it – twice now!

So I got a new job as a personal assistant for this guy and when I was telling Hipster Boy about it he seemed really really pleased for me and instantly asked if I was quitting stripping and when I said I probably was he got soooo nice. Like how he was before we started sleeping together, when he still wanted me and lusted after me so bad. It was a total turn around from how he acted after I sent him this message.

tumblr_mkjaskkTxw1qau2ngo1_500Yeah, he was unimpressed and started to get all edgy with me about how I didn’t want a boyfriend (after me telling him I did – logic?) and I basically cracked it and was like ‘yeah I don’t want YOU as a boyfriend I want someone better’ or something equally catty and we didn’t talk for a bit.

Anyway, after he started talking to me and found out I was quitting stripping, he got all sweet and blah blah, and started saying to me “No you’ll get a boyfriend soon” and all of this other ‘hypothetical’ stuff about other boys, which just felt like him trying to explain his feelings through the guise of talking about others. And started telling me guys get eaten up inside when the girl they’re seeing is dating other guys and seeing other guys and admitted that he absolutely hated it when he would ask about dates and I’d tell him everything. It’s like hunting for your presents before Christmas, finding them and then wishing you hadn’t, I guess. You always want to know until you don’t.

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Are Strippers Really Single?

So I know at clubs, girls nearly always say “oh of course I don’t have a boyfriend!” when guys ask if they’re single. And I know that men almost never believe us, even if we are telling the truth. And what I’ve found lately is that most of us are telling the truth. I’ve been mentally going through the girls at my club and have compiled some stats (because occasionally I like math and graphs are kinda fun to make) on what is going on in the date-a-stripper scene.

So to make my life easy, I asked fourteen of the girls at work about their love lives (and then included mine) and this is what I got: Continue reading

Blog Changes

Alright, so I’ve finally got my blog on the way to how I want it (three cheers!) and it only took me… all night to do so. It’s obviously still not done, but having my own header and a proper background makes me really happy because it feels like this blog is more mine now. Also, it looks really nice together which makes me proud.

So it obviously still needs some more spicing up and things need to be added and removed blahblahblaaaaahhhhh I know nobody really cares about my blog appearance struggles. Which is why I’m not going to elaborate any further on them unless something disastrous happens and the whole site dies.

And now I’ve had no sleep all night and probably won’t really get a chance for more than a quick nap later today, so the Easter theme night today is going to be heaps and heaps of fun!!!!!!!  If by ‘heaps of fun’ I mean a night fuelled almost entirely by Red Bull that hopefully ends at three am instead of five so I don’t end up either biting someone’s head off or crying on someone’s shoulder. There’s really only two outcomes to me not having any sleep, and they’re both totally extreme.

Anyway, I’m going to go watch a romance flick and sob about my single life. I saw Hipster last night, and managed to flatten the battery in his car on our outing (OOPS!) so we had to wait around for hours so roadside assist could show up and he could spend $340 in one night on his car. He was so sweet before that too.. but bipolar yo-yo boys are a topic for another post, so let’s not get into it.

Not in the dating atmosphere, but in the boy world, I’m talking to Shorty again and asking him for boy advice. But sometimes I wonder how objective he’s really being with it all, and can’t decide if the fact he knows me better than anyone else is a good thing or a bad thing. It’s not always fun to be an open book when you wish you could just be closed for a bit.

Degrading Strippers in the Media

Clearly, you guys don’t really know that much about me because I’ve just started this blog and haven’t been posting a lot of personal in-depth “this is my life and thought processes” kind of things. But as times goes on, you’ll become aware that people who judge/shame others for their profession, hobbies, sexuality, race, etc. are the people in the world who I get really upset, frustrated and offended by. And being a stripper, I have to put up with a lot of negativity from anybody and everybody who is sure they know how the industry works and knows better than I do about it all. I’m used to people assuming all kinds of things about me, both at work and outside of work. I’m especially used to the whole “I hope you get a real job soon!” line, which is the biggest slap in the face there is.

But what really frustrates me is when the media and other people jump in and offer their opinion, people who have no real dealing with me personally, but instead attempt to paint all strippers and sex workers in a bad light, making us all out to be unholy heathen, whores with no morals, sluts who will steal boyfriends, drug-addicts who will do anything for a dollar… I think you get the point. It’s old and unfair and wrong to shame anyone for their job, regardless of if they sweep floors, serve fries, defend murderers, or use their bodies as an entertainment factor and earn money from it.

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Hipster Update

So this guy is putting me in a seriously bad mood!! He was so nice to me when he first got into me, but it’s becoming preeeetty obvious that he’s only into me for sex and maybe making me feel bad about nearly everything. Never get in with the hipsters – they’re SHIT.

I guess I’d better give you the lowdown though. So Hipster starts stalking my other blog Continue reading

Amazing Moves

SO lately I spend a fair bit of time wandering around the dance section of YouTube, searching for do-able tricks for my level of expertise (not too high, not too low) and new moves and mostly, just some awesome performances.

I recently found this one and it’s really awesome so I thought I’d share it with you.

Her moves are sooo good, and upon showing it to Uni Boy and telling him I really want a spinning pole, he gave me this little gem and made my day.

Teaching Uni Boy about pole dancing.

Teaching Uni Boy about pole dancing.

What do you mean, the video named “spinning pole” has a spinning pole?? NO WAY!!

Bodybinds – Pole Products

Okay, so I’m not sure about all of you, but I have set uniforms at my work so I don’t really get the choice of cute outfits and if you’re just a pole dancer and not a stripper, then obviously you don’t feel this pain at all. To be honest I think I’m at one of the very very few clubs that enforce the same attire for all girls. Don’t ask me why, they just want us to not have as much fun (or look adorable!) as everyone else.

But when I was checking one of my favourite pole dancer blogs, Pole Dancing Adventures, I came across a contest she was having where she’d partnered up with the company Bodybinds. Bodybinds make, wait for it, binds for your body! Continue reading

Stripper Memes

Haha so I just found some stripper memes that are making me giggle because they’re so on point! Workplace memes are definitely my favourite, so here’s some for your viewing pleasure (also to make up for the fact I’ve been gone)

Without a doubt, these are the two most common things guys say to me in the club and it gets sooo old after a while!! And for the record, neither of these are how you should act!